Dr. Eliza Tran is an expert surgeon who incorporates leading edge knowledge regarding the complexities of undergoing breast reconstruction. When breast cancer changed the course of my life, Dr. Tran answered all of my questions honestly, with professionalism and care. I was then able to move forward in making the right decisions for my treatment. I am thankful to my radiologist (early detection) and my breast surgeon (removed the cancer) but the task of sculpting me back together after a double mastectomy was Dr. Tran’s undertaking and I am beyond pleased with the results.

I am tremendously grateful not only for Dr. Tran’s skilled perfectionism in the field of plastic surgery, but for the caring attitude she showed me every step of the way along with her office staff (Cierra) who was efficient, kind and helpful. I was able to recover not only physically but I have experienced emotional and mental healing as well with the support of Dr. Tran.


I chose Dr. Tran as my breast augmentation surgeon because of her expertise with breast reconstruction. She was very thorough in my consultation taking measurements to determine the proper size range for my body and educating me on what to expect post procedure. She was honest, sincere, and disclosed every detail which really made me trust her as my surgeon - I never felt like she was trying to sell me anything.

I definitely required some hand-holding while recovering after the operation and she and her patient coordinator, Cierra, were so helpful and supportive. They were always available to address my questions and concerns and put my mind at ease. I am now two years post-op and in love with my results. I confidently refer everyone who asks to Dr. Tran.


A cancerous lump was found during my yearly mammogram. I was scheduled for a lumpectomy, which was the same thing, on the opposite side I had 18 years prior. Two days before the scheduled surgery, doctor’s office performed a sonogram to map the tumor.

Another tumor was discovered and biopsied. The evening before the scheduled surgery, I was told it was also cancerous and a mastectomy had to be performed. My lumpectomy turned into a double mastectomy. The surgeon asked if I wanted another doctor to work beside her on reconstruction. I did not know of a surgeon who specialized in this. She recommended Dr. Eliza Tran, giving her a top recommendation. They called and she was available for the surgery in the morning.

As Dr Tran and I have gone through this year long process together, I cannot say enough about her skill, professionalism and warmth. She surpasses the recommendation I received from my surgeon. To have been fortunate enough to have someone of this caliber be lock-step with me during this difficult past year…well, I could never say enough. I simply do not have the words.

If you chose her to be your physician, you will never regret the decision.


Dr. Tran performed an amazing surgery on my breasts. She made an internal bra so that my once bottomed out implants are perky and full. At her suggestion, I went from a round silicone implant to a shaped implant. She was so right! My breasts look more natural and they no longer pull down in my bras. I can go braless in the summer and my breasts look great. Thank you, Dr. Tran.